Tomasz Waszczyk

Front end developer.
Quant Trader and Programmer at Cortal Consors,
University of Technology in Gliwice
Master's Degree, Computer Software Engineering
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Brennan Bennett

CBO Health Informatics + Blockchain Consultant
Blockchain Platform is a proprietary security layer
developed for accelerating global enterprise blockchain
Rutgers University - Newark
Master’s Degree, Biomedical Informatics,

Adam Ziółkowski

Ethereum lover & graphic designer

Kallol Roy

 Early advisor

PhD Researcher at Statistical Artificial Intelligence Lab,
UNIST, South Korea , Ulsan National Institute of
Science and Technology  
Postdoctoral Researcher at Ulsan National Institute of
Science and Technology
Statistical Machine Learning ;  Blockchain and Distributed
Ledger Technology  
Bitcoin Mining ;  Elliptic Curve Cryptography ;  Number Theory  ; Post Quantum Cryptography 

Mateusz Hirsch

Project Manager and Software BackEnd Developer in
banking sector, crypto enthusiast

Alan Yong - Advisor

Author - The Four Pillars of Business Success
DCEBrief Northern Illinois University
Founder of DNotes - Digital Currency , former CEO Dauphin

Maciej Wierzbowski


Passionate developer with over 20 years of experience in
desktop, mobile, network and backend development with
a proven track record of many successful projects. Able
to quickly adapt to new frameworks and technologies.